An ice-cold journey of heartbreak curated by Tommy Lavender and Inspired by Vitaminwater Ice

The Room of Reflection, Tommy Lavender, 2019

Ice sculpture on frozen glass

After visiting the ex-hibits, and reliving your broken relationship, the Room of Reflection invites you to take a step back, look in the mirror and confront the notion that maybe you are the terrible ex.

Sit Back and Wallow, Tommy Lavender, 2019

Frozen tears on glass

No one understands your pain. Perhaps no one ever will. But they are not as complex, as feeling, as multi-dimensional as you are. They don’t have the capacity to understand the devastation of a breakup like you do. The Sit Back and Wallow ex-hibit depicts the catharsis of staring longingly out of various cold, rainy windows and feeling sorry for yourself.

Iced Out, Tommy Lavender, 2019

Ice sculpture on pool of memories lost

There is no colder feeling than searching your ex’s name on social media, seeing nothing, continuing to search in vain, until coming to that realization that you’ve been blocked from all communication with your ex.

The Iced Out ex-hibit allows you to relive that cold feeling over and over until you feel nothing at all.

MEH-TV, Tommy Lavender, 2019

Graphic display on frozen screen

The ex’s heart is the coldest, emptiest place in the world. The MEH-TV ex-hibit forecasts the weather in the ex’s heart, where conditions are always frozen, barren and desolate.

My Ex’s Heart, Tommy Lavender, 2019

Glass sculpture, cold emptiness

What was once beautiful, warm and welcoming is revealed in its truest form in the My Ex’s Heart ex-hibit. Still beautiful, but now frozen, hollow, and cold to the touch, the ex-hibit presents the contrast between what once was, and what is now.

I miss you, Jennifer.

Cold. Calculated. Tommy Lavender, 2019

Ice sculpture on frozen glass

Posting the perfect selfie after the dissolution of a relationship is not just a frivolous indulgence; it is a cold, calculated act of revenge. It’s photographic evidence that you are better off. The Cold. Calculated. ex-hibit explores the contrast between the cold-blooded motivation behind the post-breakup selfie, and its beautiful end result.